STEP Ahead

Individuals attending RNA 2023 may also be interested in attending a pre-conference workshop to be held at National University of Singapore two days prior to the RNA Society annual meeting.

STEP Ahead Into an RNA World
May 29 – 30, 2023 National University of Singapore

‘STEP Ahead Into An RNA World’ is a two-day workshop to be held at the University Town, National University of Singapore (NUS) prior to RNA 2023.

This workshop will host 200 international researchers and scientists as well as 50 members of the scientific community from Singapore, featuring scientific talks, posters, and visits to local RNA research facilities, various tourist attractions, and heritage sites in the Lion City!  This workshop provides an outstanding opportunity to learn of the exciting RNA science being conducted in Singapore, network with colleagues, and establish future collaborations.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and registrants will be provided 2 nights complimentary hostel accommodations and up to SGD$1,120 in travel allowance to participate in this event. Awards will be also given out to best oral presentation, best photographs & short clips featuring yourselves in the various attractions and heritage sites of the Lion City!

Step Ahead into An RNA World organizers invite all junior RNA researchers to
participate in this fun & exciting workshop! Visit the STEP Ahead website for details.