Lodging in Davos is coordinated through Davos Congress, and bookings are handled online. A great variety of hotels have been blocked offering many choices for service level, location, amenities and price. We suggest that you consult this map to see the location of hotels in relation to the Congress Center – hotels highlighted yellow are blocked for RNA 2013. Be prepared with several preferences as some of the hotels are small and will sell out quickly. Once you begin the online booking process, you will be able to view a list of all available hotels with descriptions and prices. Then choose the one you want and complete the booking with a credit card guarantee. You will first receive a brief confirmation, and it will be followed in a few days by a lengthy email confirmation containing complete details of your booking including the hotel location and policies.

Hotels closest to the Congress Center are the Hilton Garden Inn and Kongress Hotel. The lowest rate is at the Youthpalace, which is operated much like a hostel or dormitory with several bunk beds in each room. Some hotels located above (west) of Promenade are on the hillside and thus may involve a steep walk.

Link:  Book your hotel here

Link:  Map of Davos with RNA 2013 hotels marked

If you have any questions about the hotels or if you need to change, cancel, or inquire about your booking please contact Davos Congress directly by email or phone. The RNA Society and Simple Meetings do not have access to the booking information and therefore cannot assist you with accommodations.

Davos Congress
Talstrasse 41
CH-7270 Davos
Phone: +41 (0)81 415 2163
Fax: +41 (0)81 415 2169

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