Welcome to
FOR RNA 2024!

The RNA Society is pleased to invite you to its 29th Annual International Conference which will be an in-person meeting at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) in Edinburgh, Scotland, beginning May 28 until June 2, 2024.

Keynote Talks
The program includes three keynote lectures to be given by:

Reinhard Lührmann, Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
Narry Kim, Center for RNA Research, Institute for Basic Science, Seoul National University, Korea
Jernej Ule, King’s College London and Francis Crick Institute, UK

The RNA Society is co-sponsoring a pre-meeting workshop, “Communicating Our Science Towards Positive Societal Perception of RNA: Where We Are and Where We Need to Be,” on Tuesday, May 28, 14:00 – 16:00 at EICC.  Email RNA2024@nullrnasociety.org for registration information.

Michaela Müller-McNicoll
Denis Lafontaine
Brian Zid
Karsten Weis
Kristen Lynch
Marina Rodnina
Xiaohua Shen
Eric Lecuyer
Sebastian Klinge
Mary O’Connell
Xinshu (Grace) Xiao
Henning Urlaub
Polly LeiLei Chen
Sutapa Chakrabarti
Evelina Tutucci
Qiangfeng Cliff Zhang
Fatima Gebauer
Tom Suzuki
Sebastian Fica
Sander Granneman
Stepanka Vanacova
Lidia Vasiljeva
Marlene Oeffinger
Pre-mRNA metabolism and splicing
RNA modification
RNP condensates
Alternative splicing
Interconnections in RNA Biology
RNA–chromatin interactions
RNA localization and transport
RNP assembly
Viral RNAs and innate immunity
Transcriptomics and bioinformatics
RNA-protein interactions
RNA and disease
mRNA turnover
RNA imaging
RNA structure and folding
RNA surveillance and degradation
RNA Society Research Presentation Fellowship Program

Apply for support. The RNA Society Research Presentation Fellowship Program aims to increase inclusion and participation at our annual meeting and provides meeting registration waivers for researchers who would otherwise be unable to attend RNA 2024 due to financial considerations.

Childcare, Dependent-Care and Disability Allowance Program

Apply for support. The RNA society will award up to 15 Childcare, Dependent-Care and Disability Allowances for member undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty members.

Meet the Editors

RNA 2024 will feature a ‘Meet the RNA Editors’ platform presentation the morning of Wednesday, May 29th. During this presentation, the Editors of RNA will highlight the unique advantages of publishing in the journal, including an editorial process actively led by prominent RNA researchers with expertise in a number of areas of RNA biology, who focus on the important scientific aspects of your paper and strive to minimize the requirement for non-essential experimental revisions. You will also learn how RNA Editors and the RNA Society partner to actively promote you and your published work throughout the worldwide RNA community. In addition, there will be an RNA exhibitor table where you can find additional information about the journal, its features, and more advantages of publishing in RNA.

Breakfast and Lunch Seminars

Please take advantage of the industry breakfast and lunch seminars, generously provided by our 2024 RNA sponsors – more details HERE!

Mentoring Dinner

The Career Mentoring Dinner will take place on Wednesday evening, May 29, from 18:30 to 20:00. Sign up during registration.

Spend Wednesday evening’s dinner learning about the career you’d like to have – or sharing your experience as a seasoned scientist. Each table will comprise of students, postdocs and mentors sharing similar interests based on his/her/their interests. The relaxed environment encourages mentees to ask questions and seek advice about careers in science, networking, writing proposals, and maintaining work-life balance. To help meet the demand from mentees with an interest in private sector jobs or who are still deciding between industry and academia, mentors with industry/biotech experience, including senior post-docs, are encouraged to sign up for those topics. Join this long-standing tradition at the RNA annual meeting, this year at Wednesday’s dinner!

RNA Society Junior Scientists Panel

Weighing your Career Options: BigPharma versus StartUp and University versus Research Institute

When considering your career path, the myriad of options can be daunting. To help provide clarity, the RNA Society Junior Scientists Group will host a panel of academic and industry leaders who will discuss the pros and cons of various careers in industry/biotech and compare these to a path as an independent researcher at a university or research institute.

DEI Panel at RNA 2024

Creating and Preserving a Welcoming Environment

The RNA Society Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee aims to develop DEI programming that supports all of our members. We are excited to welcome you to this year’s meeting and appreciate the diverse and valuable perspectives you bring to the table. We are keen to ensure that we all work towards Creating and Preserving a Welcoming Environment that benefits everyone during RNA Society meetings, events and activities. During the DEI panel at RNA 2024 we will:

  • Highlight developments in the DEI space from other academic societies.
  • Capture audience perspectives on DEI issues in their context.
  • Learn about audience experiences of DEI programmes at other scientific meetings.
  • Uncover audience experiences of kindness, inclusion, and respect.
  • Conclude with an open question and answer forum to broaden our collective capacity to deliver DEI priorities.
The RNA Society aims to ensure that RNA 2024 is accessible to everyone. Please visit Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) website, to view facility maps and photos to help acquaint yourself with the meeting space.