Junior Scientists

There are a lot of exciting events for Junior Scientists at this year’s meeting! These include:

Pre-Meeting Activity (Tuesday, May 26th)

The Junior Scientists will be starting the meeting off on the right foot by visiting the Wisconsin State Capitol building for a tour! This iconic building in the center of Madison is rich with history (and marble!). If you’re interested in coming on this fun guided tour, meet at Ogg Hall on the Wisconsin-Madison campus at 2:30 p.m. The capitol is just a short walk. On our way back, we’re will stop in at The Great Dane, a local brewpub, for some beer and socializing before heading back to the conference for the opening reception.

“A Day in the Life: Diverse Careers in Science” Career Development Workshop (Wednesday, May 27th)

We’ve arranged a workshop featuring a panel of young scientists with rewarding careers outside of academia. Their fields range from teaching to industry to policy and consulting, and they are sure to offer perspective and advice on their career journey. Bring your questions!

Junior Scientist Social (Thursday, May 28th)

Come unwind with your fellow graduate students and postdocs at this social before the free evening. Whether you feeling like talking about science or beer, come join us!


You can keep up with us on Facebook (“RNA Society Junior Scientist Members”), LinkedIn (“Junior RNA Society Scientists”) or Twitter (@jrRNAscientists)