Welcome to Prague for RNA 2017!

The RNA Society is pleased to invite you to its yearly International Conference that provides extensive coverage of the most exciting areas in RNA research. The 22nd RNA Meeting is back in Europe and will take place in one of most historic European Cities, the fascinating town of Prague, from 30 May – 3 June, 2017.

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, has been one of the key political, cultural, and economic centers of Central Europe for over a thousand years. Prague is one of Europe’s most charming cities where visitors can find a unique collection of architectural styles, visit interesting museums and galleries, go to a concert or performing arts event, or simply hang around and enjoy life in one of countless pubs and cafes. Prague is a popular destination, is easy to reach, and affordable for everyone.

More information on the city of Prague can be found here: http://www.prague.eu/en

The RNA 2017 Meeting will be held at the Prague Congress Center, https://www.kcp.cz/en/homepage, a dominant landmark of the capital with wonderful panoramic views of Prague, and near to the city center. It offers a spacious lecture theatre with comfortable seats, and will have poster sessions and mixers conveniently located around the lecture rooms. Many hotels are available at a range of affordable prices to enable everybody to stay within walking distance from the Prague Congress Center.

The organizers are preparing program that will appeal to everyone, regardless of career stage or specific field of study.

The program includes four confirmed Keynote lectures to be given by:

Marina Rodnina (Max Planck Inst. Goettingen; Translational regulation)
Robert Singer (Albert Einstein , NY; Imaging of single mRNAs)
Eric Sontheimer (UMass Med School; CRISPR-Cas & RNAi)
Juan Valcarcel (CGR Barcelona; Regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing)

As in previous years, the remainder of the RNA2017 program will be developed from submitted abstracts. In the spirit of RNA society conferences, we strongly encourage graduate students and postdoctoral scientists to submit abstracts for oral presentation.

Current sessions and corresponding chairs:

Splicing: Kristin Lynch
: Daniel Wilson
: Stefan Ameres & Ling-Ling Chen
RNA in Development and Disease
: Javier Martinez
RNA Processing
: Stepanka Vanacova & Yongsheng Shi
RNP Structure and Function
: Martin Jinek & Kristian Baker
RNA chemistry, Ribozyme/RNA catalysis
: Jeffrey Kieft
: Michael Jantsch 

Session topics may change depending on the abstracts received.

Poster Sessions: Presenters will have the opportunity to display their posters during the entire meeting to provide ample opportunities to engage scientific colleagues and to win prizes for best posters in different categories.

Workshops: We are planning several workshops to expand the breadth of the scientific program. In this regard, we welcome suggestions of rapidly developing areas that would be suitable for this format.

Further details of the program, including links to accommodation, transportation, and travel fellowships, will be provided on the conference web site in due course.

We look forward to welcoming you to RNA 2017 to present your research and to experience the unique and exciting city of Prague.

On behalf of the organizers,

Andrea Barta (Medical University of Vienna, AUT)
Rachel Green (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Christopher Lima  (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)
Ronald Micura (University of Innsbruck, AUT)
Petr Svoboda (Institute of Molecular Genetics ASCR, CZE)
Yukihide Tomari (University of Tokyo, JPN)