Welcome to the RNA
Junior Scientists! Who are we?

This year, the RNA Junior Scientists Committee is excited to invite you to the following events:


Pre-meeting activity: For this year’s pre-meeting social activity the jrRNA Scientists are hosting a bike ride through Stanley park to Third beach (20min one way) for a day of fun in the sun! Enjoy the views along the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path as you get to know your fellow jrRNA scientists!

Junior Scientist Social: To emphasize the making of contacts and future collaborations, the Junior RNA Society will host a social event for junior scientists at the 2020 RNA meeting in Vancouver. If you plan to partake you better level up your drawing skills – because we’re going to play a game of RNA-themed Pictionary! We will provide a free and relaxed environment to connect and talk science after an intense day at the conference. So, grab a drink and have a guess: Wrong and funny answers are very welcome.

Workshop “Overcoming Barriers in Science”: Numerous researchers find day-to-day experience of being a scientist demanding and unrewarding. We believe that scientific community should acknowledge the challenges we are facing and aim at establishing supporting and enhancing environment. For that reason, this year Junior Scientist Committee is organizing a panel about “Overcoming Barriers in Science”.

The “Overcoming Barriers in Science” workshop will be a 2-hour panel discussion, where inspiring mentors from the RNA community will share their personal experiences as well as provide support and positive guidance on how to overcome some of the frequent difficulties faced by especially young researchers. If you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to this workshop, please reach out to the Junior RNA Society representatives (junior_scientists@nullrnasociety.org)

 Join us for a fun scientific experience!

The RNA Junior Committee members:
Liana Boraas
Luc Roberts
Simon Hoser
Rogalska Malgorzata (Gosia)