to Boulder
for RNA 2022!

The RNA Society is pleased to invite you to its 27th Annual International Conference which will be an in-person meeting on the campus of the University of Colorado, Boulder beginning May 31 until June 5, 2022. Boulder has been a center of RNA research and is a beautiful setting at the base of the Rocky Mountains providing ample opportunities for hiking and dining.

Vaccination for SARS-CoV-2 will be required for in-person attendance at RNA 2022. Proof of vaccination will need to be provided during registration. See below for details.

After the in-person conference, a virtual version of the conference will occur with a set of talks selected from abstracts submitted for virtual presentation, and recorded talks from the in-person meeting will be available for viewing for a limited time.


Keynote Talks

The program includes two keynote lectures to be given by:
Joan Steitz (Yale University, USA)
Venki Ramakrishnan (Cambridge University, UK)

Session Chairs and Moderators
Preliminary session plans may be modified depending on the abstracts received. Talks associated with RNA Society Awards will be incorporated into appropriate sessions.
Alternative Splicing and Regulation – Chair: Woan-Yuh Tarn
Non-coding RNA Biogenesis and Modifications – Chair: Jane Jackman
RNA Structure, Folding and Regulation – Chair: Qiangfeng Zhang
Ribozymes and Riboswitches – Chair: Aiming Ren
CRISPR-Cas Biology and Applications – Chair: Luke Gilbert
Long Non-coding RNA Biology – Chair: Ling-Ling Chen
RNA Topics in Non-traditional Model Organisms – Chair: Eric Miska
RNP Assembly – Chair: Jimena Giudice
Subcellular RNA Localization and Spatial Transcriptomics – Chair: Matt Taliaferro
Bioinformatics and Genomics – Chair: Kathi Zarnack
Origins of Life – Chair: Hannes Mutschler
Interconnected Processes – Chair: Muge N. Kuyumucu-Martinez
Viral RNA and Innate Immune Response – Chair: Sara Cherry
RNA Modifications – Chair: Michael Jantsch
RNP Granules and Phase Transitions – Chair: Stephanie Moon
Synthesis and Processing of RNA – Chair: Katja Strasser
RNA in Disease – Chair: Auinash Kalsotra
RNA-based Therapeutics and Small-Molecule Interactions – Chair: Amanda Hargrove
RNA Turnover – Chair: Andrzej Dziembowski
Mechanisms and Regulation of Translation – Chair: Thomas Preiss
Small RNAs – Chair: Yukihide Tomari

Workshops: We are planning a number of workshops to expand the breadth of the scientific program. In this regard, we welcome suggestions of rapidly developing areas that would be suitable for this format.

Scientific Topics
Bioinformatics & Genomics
Chromatin & Epigenetics
Chemical Biology of RNA
New Technologies
Extracellular RNA
Granules & Condensates
High through-put discovery
Interconnected RNA Processes
Long Non-coding RNAs & Circular RNAs
Origins of Life and evolution
Regulatory RNAs in Bacteria & Archaea
Ribosome Biogenesis & Modification
Ribozymes & Riboswitches
RNA & Cellular Immunity
RNA & Disease
RNA Modification & Editing
RNA Nanotechnology
RNA Structure, Folding & Modeling
RNA Synthetic Biology & Systems Biology
RNA Transport & Localization
RNA Turnover
RNPs: Biogenesis, Structure & Function
Polyadenylation & 3′ end formation
Small Non-coding RNAs in Eukaryotes
Splicing Mechanism
Splicing Regulation & Alternative Splicing
Targeting RNA for Therapy & Diagnostics
Transcription: Mechanism & Biology
Translation Mechanism
Translation Regulation
tRNA: Processing and Function
Viral RNAs

The majority of the RNA 2022program will include sessions featuring talks selected from submitted abstracts. In the spirit of RNA society conferences, preference will be given to abstracts to be presented by graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and junior PIs and that feature recent or unpublished work. We encourage young scientists to submit their work for oral presentation!

Poster Sessions
Posters will be presented in person at the meeting. Additional details about poster sessions will be provided in due course. 
Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement
Attendees must be fully vaccinated at the time of the meeting. Individuals will be asked to provide proof of this at the time of registration by up-loading a copy of their vaccination card clearly showing receipt of two or more doses of a WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine. Acceptable vaccines will include FDA approved or authorized and WHO Emergency Use Listing vaccines.


Medical waivers will be allowed in the form of a Medical Exemption signed by a Physician accompanied by a negative COVID PCR test within 72 hours of the beginning of our meeting.

The online registration form will include a required check box by which meeting attendees attest that their vaccination status or physician-endorsed medical exemption is valid. Exempt participants will also be asked to sign an attestation document when submitting COVID test results at the time of check-in at the beginning of the meeting.

We want to be very clear that the meeting is on the campus of CU Boulder which will remain open to the public. The meeting spaces will not accommodate 3 feet social distancing, and masking will be as per CU policy. These policies are subject to change in response to campus, local, and state COVID requirements.

Society members or researchers who cannot or will not attend RNA 2022 in person under this policy will have an opportunity to access much of the scientific content on-line after the conclusion of the in-person event.

Meet the Editors Reception
RNA 2022 will feature the first ever ‘Meet the Editors’ reception where meeting participants can connect with distinguished members of the editorial board of RNA, the official journal of the RNA Society. Researchers interested in learning how their research could be published in RNA and promoted within the RNA community are encouraged to attend.
Childcare, Dependent-Care and Disability Support
Apply for childcare, dependent-care and disability support by March 31, 2022. The RNA society will award up to 15 Childcare, Dependent-Care and Disability Allowances for member undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early-career (up to year 5) faculty members.