Presenter Information

RNA 2019 Poster Information

Posters will be located on Floor 0 and Floor 3 of ICE Congress Centre. Check the program book for the division of topics between floors.

Presentations will be divided equally into 2 sessions: even numbers on Wednesday night and odd numbers on Friday night, from 20:30 to 23:00. The open nature of ICE will enable informal poster viewing during conference hours throughout the week.

Poster boards will be vertical. Poster size must fit within the frame of the board — maximum poster width is 90 cm (~35 inches). Maximum poster height is 230 cm (~90 inches) however long posters will be difficult to read at the bottom, so ideally posters should be much shorter than the full height of the board.

Boards will be numbered in advance (no need to print the number on your poster) and mounting glue pads will be provided.

Wednesday presenters (even numbers)

  • Boards will be ready for poster installation beginning Tuesday at 16:00
  • All even posters should be installed by 19:30 on Wednesday
  • All Wednesday posters must be removed on Thursday by 13:30
  • Any posters left on display will be disposed on Thursday afternoon to prepare for Friday poster presentations.

Friday presenters (odd numbers)

  • Boards will be ready for poster installation beginning Friday at 08:30
  • All odd posters should be installed by 19:30 on Friday
  • All Friday posters must be removed on Saturday by 17:15
  • Any posters remaining inside ICE after the Awards Ceremony will be lost. The building will be locked on Saturday night, and posters will be destroyed when boards are removed on Sunday morning. 

All posters must be removed after sessions on Saturday. No access to ICE on Sunday!


RNA 2019 Speaker Information

Oral presenters refer to the “Details about your talk” email sent on April 6 to know your session and the precise length of your talk. Practice in advance to ensure that you stay within your allotted time.

Please bring your slides on a USB drive to be uploaded in the session room where you are scheduled to speak. PCs and Macs will be provided in each session room, with the most recent versions of PowerPoint, Keynote and Adobe Acrobat Reader on the laptops. The slide ratio is 16:9 and embedded video can be no larger than 1080p.

Speakers can load slides onto the presentation laptop in their assigned room any time that the room is open and a session is not in process. This includes immediately before and after sessions, during breaks and during lunch. Speakers who are presenting in the next scheduled session will have priority.

All speakers must have loaded their slides a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of their session. The conference schedule does not allow time during the sessions to switch laptops, therefore speakers may not use their own laptops and must use the equipment provided. Staff will be available to assist speakers with loading their files onto the laptops.