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Time in Poland is GMT+1 (winter), GMT+2 (summer).

Time in Krakow


The Polish climate is transitional between maritime and continental. The weather is rather changeable and is likely to surprise. In June, however, the weather should be nice and sunny.
The current weather forecast for Kraków can be checked at:


The official currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN). For your rough calculation: 1 EUR equals approx. 4.3 PLN, 1 USD equals approx. 3.8 PLN.

To check the current Polish Zloty (PLN) exchange rate go to the website of the National Bank of Poland.

Polish zlotys can be obtained from one of many ATMs easily available everywhere in the city. Foreign currency may be also exchanged in banks and exchange offices at airports, railway stations and hotels.

Credit cards

Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. American Express is also accepted but to a lesser extent.


Electricity in Poland is 230V. Electrical outlets in Poland are 2P+Z type.

Tram and bus transportation

All RNA 2019 participants can enjoy free city transportation sponsored by the Mayor of the City of Kraków. Affixed on the back of your meeting badge will be a sticker to serve as a ticket for all buses and trams within the Kraków city between June 11 and June 16.

To plan your trip by public transport in Kraków use:

Taxi service

There are several taxi companies operating in Kraków. Cabs are easily available within the city of Kraków. You will find cabs waiting for passengers outside the Kraków airport and at the Kraków Main Railway Station (Kraków Główny). To get a cab from any location you can use smartphone applications. Note that Uber legally operates in Poland so you can use your Uber application to order a ride.

Two reliable Kraków taxi companies that use web applications are: